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Petra Arnez Mohoric

Petra A.M. is a licensed Heal Your Life® coach who believes in a CANCER – FREE WORLD. Can you imagine a world where hospitals stand empty and vibrant health becomes the norm? Petra A.M. can.

Petra A.M. is not just a licensed Heal Your Life® coach; she is a passionate ambassador for creating a CANCER-FREE WORLD. 

Her clients dedicate their life to others and struggle with fear of getting cancer. Living on autopilot, they view aging as a negative process and believe they can change others but not themselves. Saying no is a challenge, and the desire to please everyone prevails. They may be currently healthy, have a family history of cancer and fear they will inherit the disease. On the other hand, they have already had cancer and have not yet done anything about their mental health.

Petra’s mission is clear: a cancer-free world. She educates and empowers clients globally with a coaching approach rooted in love and understanding, inspired by Louise Hay’s transformative philosophy. Petra guides individuals on a courageous journey to discover how to live their lives and take responsibility for every aspect of it.

If you resonate with the described challenges, Petra A.M. is reaching out to you:
“I walk with you to activate your healing power and guide you to enjoy your unique path to vital life. I will inspire you to become the NO.1 priority in your life”.


Email: hola@petraam.com

Telephone: +386 30 66 33 66 

Website: https://petraam.com/en/

Reach out and follow me online I would love to connect, hear your story and help you live an unlimited life.