Heal Your Life®
The Power Within
2 Day Retreat


Do you feel like your old thoughts and past experiences are getting in the way of new beginnings?

Life is so much easier when we are going with a natural flow. However, we can easily find ourselves going against it and hitting barriers.

Why not move away from the old thinking to find the power in your life? 

Reconnect, Let Go and Find Your Flow on this 2 day retreat

Limited Spaces available!


Welcome to my site and thank you for being here,
here's a little about me and the work I do

It’s a bit surreal, writing my own story, especially since so much of what I’ve built stems from the simple desire to help. I’m Eileen Clair, and back in 1992, in the small town of Kilrush, I started with a modest dream—to create a place of healing and understanding for those who felt lost. That year marked the beginning of my Holistic Centre, a small, intimate space that’s grown, with time, into a heartwarming refuge for many.

Louise Hay, a name many recognize, has been a significant influence in my journey. The wisdom behind the Heal Your Life® philosophy has been a guiding light, nurturing the foundation of my Holistic Centre. Through her teachings, the Centre has become a quiet corner where individuals find solace, understanding, and the means to rediscover themselves.

With the support of the broader community and the trust of those who’ve come to learn, I’ve been humbled to offer the Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach Training courses here in Ireland and the UK. Louise Hay and Hay House Inc. have generously provided the materials, and in their shadows, I’ve endeavored to pass on tools that enable both healing and growth.

But it’s never been just about me or even just about personal transformation. It’s been about the collective, about creating a community of healers, of compassionate souls. The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training has been a way for me to share tools and insights, not just for personal growth but to ripple out kindness and understanding to a wider audience. And for those who’ve felt the calling to go further, the Heal Your Life® Coach Training has been there to provide a deeper dive, an opportunity to grow even further in service to others.

Today, my Holistic Centre stands as a humble testament to the dreams, hard work, and hopes of so many. It’s a space of genuine healing, where individuals come not just to mend but to blossom. The essence of Louise Hay’s teachings, the heart of the Heal Your Life® philosophy, and the collective energy of all who’ve passed through these doors have made it what it is—a home of heart, understanding, and genuine connection.

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Louise Hay’s 12 Ways
to Love Yourself Unconditionally

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