Heal Your Life Teacher Training UK July 14th - 21st

Book your place for our upcoming Heal Your Life® Teacher Training. This 7 day all inclusive course will allow you to master the methods of world famous Spiritual teacher Louise Hay. 

Learn to deeply connect to the world with an open heart! 

Limited Spaces available


Eileen Clair

In 1992, Eileen Clair opened the doors of the visionary Holistic Centre in Kilrush with the intention to provide help to those who needed it most. It has since gone from strength to strength to where it is now recognised globally as a sanctuary for health and well-being, providing a safe haven for clients to come and experience support on their healing journey.


Eileen Clair is the home of the World Renowned Louis Hay Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach Training. 


In addition to your own personal transformation, the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training will allow you to take away all the necessary tools and manuals to run your own Heal Your Life® Workshop and individual sessions.

The Heal Your Life® Coach Training will enhance the skills you have already learned as a Heal Your Life® Teacher while also enabling you to learn new skills which will be key as you become a licensed Heal Your Life® Coach.