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Nenah Favelle

Nenah Favelle is a passionate and dedicated woman behind the Heal Your Life® Scotland. With her extensive knowledge, experience, personal development and healing expertise, Nenah empowers individuals to transform their lives and embrace self-love and self-acceptance. She offers Heal Your Life Retreats in Scotland, heart-centred coaching services, guiding women on their journey of inner healing, personal growth, & positive change.

Nenah’s warm & nurturing approach creates a safe & supportive environment where clients can explore their emotions, release limiting beliefs, unlock their true potential, create fulfilling lives, & embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Her mission is to inspire and guide others to learn to love & accept themselves fully, freely & fearlessly.

Certifications: Workshop Leader Licence.

Nenah Favelle is a certified Licensed: Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader, Heal Your Life® Coach, Heart & Mind® Business Leader, Teen Empowerment Coach.

Email: nenah@nenahfavelle.com Address:

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Reach out and follow me online I would love to connect, hear your story and help you live an unlimited life.