Joanne Kavanagh

As an experienced Psychotherapist qualified to Master of Arts level in the social sciences of Psychotherapy, child & Adolescent therapy, Play Therapy and Clinical Supervision, Joanne is deeply committed to helping individuals and groups achieve positive life changes.

Joanne’s passion lies in guiding people to reenergize, recover and recharge. For the past 15 years, she has worked with children, teens and adults, parents, organisations and communities bringing her expertise in a range of modalities including creative therapies, Play Therapy, art and sand work and facilitated parenting courses along with introducing families to holistic and overall health and wellbeing modalities.

Becoming a certified Louise Hay Coach in October 2023 is what Joanne describes as the ‘icing on the cake’ as she has been using Louise Hay’s philosophies with her clients of all ages with great success over the years.

Bringing Louise Hay’s ‘Heal Your Life’ philosophy into her therapeutic approach has created a powerful synergy for her client’s personal growth and this also has allowed her to pass the Louise Hay philosophies on to her Supervisee’s who have in turn introduced the work of Louise Hay to their clients.

Joanne has a particular interest in working with individuals and groups, in corporate and community settings. Professionals experiencing burnout will always benefit from her 1-day workshop and 2-day retreats.

Joanne’s interest in working with people and groups as a Louise Hay Teacher is underpinned by her devotion to helping people embrace self-growth, self-discovery, self-renewal, self-empowerment, and nurturing of the self in a safe and healing environment. The main teaching is that of learning to love oneself. She believes we all have the capacity to love ourselves and to learn how to love ourselves better and have more fulfilling lives. It is her honour and privilege to be part of a community of Louise Hay teachers who can teach and support others on their journey towards self-love and ultimate well-being.

Joanne is based in the Midlands of Ireland with access to many towns and cities, therefore she is available to run a workshop in any part of Ireland.

Reach out and follow me online I would love to connect, hear your story and help you live an unlimited life.