Alison Bell

Alison has followed the teachings of Louise Hay for over 20 years now and qualified as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach in 2019.

According to Alison, becoming a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Coach has been a rewarding experience to help others become aware of their thoughts, how powerful they are and how they can change those negative thoughts and create positive change in their life.

She loves to help people become aware of their limiting beliefs and/or negative thought patterns in a safe and supportive space. She wants to help people build their self-esteem and confidence to live a life they want for themselves…it is possible!

It takes effort on your part in between sessions to put into practice what you learn and with consistency and momentum, you will see positive change and often, in all areas of your life! Are you up for it?




Reach out and follow me online I would love to connect, hear your story and help you live an unlimited life.