"The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives."

— Louise L. Hay

Wellness Workshops and Classes

Heal Your Life ® Two Day Workshop

Our two-day workshop is based on the philosophies of Louise L. Hay and is designed to empower those who are willing to change. So many of us believe that we are stuck in our current circumstances because that is what life had planned for us. Read More

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Deservability Workshop – 1 Day

This 1 Day Deservability workshop has been created by Eileen Clair based on the Philosophies of Louise Hay allows you to consider what it is you are willing to let go of from your life and what you are willing to welcome in. Eileen has combined an interesting mix of new and much used exercises to help you explore your methods of communication both with yourself around your own needs and with others in your life. It also helps you understand how your belief about what you deserve is one of the keys to bringing good into your life and most importantly this workshops aims to help you look at life a little differently.

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Relationships Workshop – 1 Day

This 1 Day Relationships workshop has been created by Eileen Clair, based on the philosophies of Louise Hay. The workshop can help you to change your view of relationships and create a new way for you to interact with those around you. Whether you’re a busy parent, attentive partner, carer or a single person looking to attract a partner, your relationship with yourself is the first step to creating the life you really want.

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