Top 5 reasons to book the “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Teacher Training Workshop”

by Claire Auton

No.1 The doors that open to you professionally.

Whether you are looking for a career change, to extend and develop your existing practice, or simply be the best, most authentic you that you can possibly be in your current line of work, the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Teacher Training has the answers and resources to support you on your journey. (Or, more accurately, provides you with the space, self-reflection, insight, skills, tools and support to (re)discover you had the answers all along!) Even better, the support continues way beyond your week in Spanish Point, with follow-up conference calls, reunions and coach training opportunities. Build friendships, bonds and support networks that will last a lifetime.

No.2 Personal Development

Whether you are going through a major life change, trying to deal with everyday stresses or would just like to manifest more good into your life and feel more at peace, this week long retreat gives you a safe space and non-judgemental support to examine any aspect of your life that challenges you.  Whatever your reasons for attending, spending a week surrounded by the energy of like-minded people with course leaders who encourage, challenge, advise and inspire moves you to a place of deep inner healing and a knowledge of your rightful place in this world.

Louise Hay’s philosophy and the tools used are prolific in their simplicity and profound in their effectiveness.  People walk away changed in a manner that most would not believe possible in a week – feeling lighter, inspired, refreshed and ready for new beginnings.

No.3 The location and venue.

The Armada Hotel is spectacularly located at Spanish Point on the Wild Atlantic Way. The scenic beauty of the area and the healing, cleansing, invigorating power of the waves enhance the facilitation of the teacher training. The Armada Hotel provides a level of comfort and care that is second to none. The staff are warm and friendly, the creative chefs conjure a unique West Clare food experience that harnesses the goodness and taste of local produce expertly prepared, catering with ease and flair with any specific dietary requirements you might have. It is no understatement to say the food is plentiful and absolutely delicious! The workshop venue is a beautiful, open space, naturally lit and overlooks the coast. Bedrooms are a blissful retreat, the perfect to recharge, process the day and unwind.

No.4 The opportunity to work intensively with Eileen Clair for a week

I once read an intriguing quote about the book, “A Course in Miracles”. The author stated that even if you never turn the first page, the simple act of having the book in your life would bring enrichment to your existence, such was the power of its contents. Eileen is a bit like that, except no-one in the history of meeting her has stuck to just the first page. Eileen has a gift – to be honest, she has many – but her experience, extensive knowledge and practical application of Louise’s work combined with a wide range of further healing modalities, her intuition, humour and passion to empower and enable others makes for a hugely powerful and transformative week.

And finally, No.5, bottom line it’s an MOT for your mind, body and soul

The unique combination of the previous four points brought together in one very special place and time make the Love Yourself, Heal your life Teacher Training workshop the ultimate salty air retreat for personal growth and development. Eileen creates a sanctuary and provides you with the time and space to nourish every part of your being – body, mind and soul (and belly!)  Stand on the shore at sunrise and breathe, write your intention for each day in the sand and let the waves transport them to the universe – have fun, play, ponder and process. Eileen, her team and the natural environment will give you all the support you need to welcome healing into your life and should you wish, the tools to share this gift with others. Whatever the next stage of your journey is, know there is no finer place to take the next step. It is time to shine. Share your unique talents with the world. Your soul is begging you.

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