To say that Eileen Clair’s centre changed my life is an untruth. What Eileen and her team do is guide you on a journey inwards, they illuminate a pathway so you can find your own inner happiness, they support you, nurture you, and allow you to ‘simply be’ in the moment, they guide you on the pathway of letting go what you no longer need on an emotional level. When the time is right for you give Eileen a call and make the investment in you. Find your inner sunshine. Namaste.


What can I say! WOW would be a good start. I reluctantly booked this course being a man, thinking that there might be no other men doing the course and secondly was it for me? I won’t deny I was nervous and apprehensive about doing the course. However, I was drawn to the course. I got so much out of the course by simply completing the course and sharing openly and safely with complete strangers. The content of the course I can truly say was enlightening, inspirational and transforming with a large smattering of fun and laughter throughout. Anybody thinking of doing this course and are sitting on the fence I say to you challenge yourself and go for it. You will not regret it and the breakthroughs and the possibilities you will create for yourself will be remarkable. I would also like to extend a big thank you to Eileen Clair who made all feel so welcome and strived throughout the weekend to ensure we all got the most out of the weekend. Thank you all for a most memorable weekend.

J.F. (Ireland)

The two-day workshop started me on a wonderful journey of growth. The Teacher Training course is a continuation of my wonderful journey. Thank you.

G. S.

Thank you for encouraging me to change my view of the world. It is a much happier and safer place than I realised. Who would guess 2 days could make such a difference, BUT THEY DID. Absolutely FANTASTIC week-end, What a Weight off my shoulders and achieved with such a great sense of fun and humour.

T. M. (Ireland)


A coaching session with Eileen shines a light on whatever is blocking you in life. She gets right to the heart of the issue and gently helps you examine it and see things in a completely different perspective. You feel so supported in taking the next steps and her enthusiasm and belief makes it all seem so right.

M.C. (Ireland)

A well rounded therapist and personal development teacher, Eileen embodies the very best of what complementary therapies and a positive attitude can offer.

J. T. (Ireland)


Thank you for gently guiding me back to Health and Happiness. Your Coaching is a haven of sense in this busy, busy hectic world. May your work continue to offer the healing I experienced. In gratitude and love.

A. M. (Ireland)


Come to Ireland to do your Louise Hay Teacher Training. You will never have an experience like it. Eileen Clair and her assistants were just perfect in every single way. The Armada Hotel with its picturesque views and the tranquillity of the sea is all you need to go forward on your journey. A life changing experience with all the love and craic in the world.

Maria (UK)

Eileen Clair and her team are world class providers of sharing Louise Hay’s powerful work. I found as my every need was catered for, I could finally get out of my head, face my fears, and heal within. Eileen is an exceptional facilitator and so lives what she shares. She made taking what I thought would be difficult steps, effortless. I would highly recommend making life a bit easier and experiencing the fine work of Eileen Clair.

T. Molony, Business Psychologist (Ireland)

I went into the Teacher Training Course soul weary and I finished up feeling like a teenager.

Breda J. (Ireland)

Eileen is a gentle and intuitive teacher and coach with a wellspring of inner strength. She has a natural ability to understand exactly what someone needs at exactly the time it is needed. With very few words but much love and understanding, she helped me to bring scattered thoughts and fears into the here and now and guided me with great care to see what I needed to see. If I lived in Ireland, I would attend every workshop she gives as she is an inspiring guide and mentor. It was a pleasure working with her.

Kailah (UK)

The Heal Your Life training was a wonderfully healing week. I had huge breakthroughs personally and I learned how to teach this work to others and help them in their journeys. Since the training I have taught many workshops myself and it is so rewarding and satisfying helping others improve their lives.

Joan B. (Ireland)

This training was one of the most outstanding and amazing life changing experiences I have ever had. It gave me the gift of huge growth, enabled much deeper connection within and provided me with tools to help heal many lives as I pursue my life’s purpose.

Yvonne G. (Ireland)

This course is life changing as it gives you the opportunity to go within and look at the areas that need to be looked at. It allows you to do all this in a safe happy environment and will empower you to look at your life in a more confident happy way.

Patricia M. (UK)

Eileen has a great calmness and way with words and gets you where you need to go safely.

Fiona V. (Ireland)

Brilliant. Improved my health and spirit. We all met at the perfect place and time to do the work and move on. Thank you! It was a wonderful journey, a life changing one.

Suzana S. (Slovenia)

Exceptional training and life changing. I will be forever grateful for all your help.

Sheila B. (Ireland)

This training is a gift to yourself. One of the best and most important weeks of my life so far. Well worth the financial investment.

Catherine W. (Ireland)

Eileen is a wonderful and inspirational teacher. I had the pleasure to have Eileen as one of my teachers in the Heal Your Life teacher training course and during this course I experienced her as very approachable, articulate, experienced in the Louise Hay philosophy and very professional at all times. I would whole-heartedly recommend Eileen as a Teacher’s Training Ireland teacher.

Nereko L. (UK)

I was trying to think of something profound to write, to say just how grateful I am for your love and support, but what do you say to an Earth Angel, only thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and soul. I am so grateful, Eileen.

Breda (Ireland)

I am so blessed to have attended the Heal Your Life training. I had the most wonderful healing experience and met so many special people. I would highly recommend this week to change your life.

Brid H. (Ireland)

Best workshop in my life EVER!! I am so glad that I decided to do the Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training in Ireland. This beautiful island is the perfect set up for this training. Gorgeous scenery, nice hotel and amazing participants, Eileen with her amazing guidance honesty and energy. Incredible she is a truly wonderful teacher. Laura and Monica have been the kindest, nicest, compassionate and organised assistants ever. Can’t thank you all enough. I am thrilled to start my new journey. You will always be in my heart.

Eva G. (Germany)

If you find yourself soul searching this course will bring you home. You will find yourself and find clarity. Absolutely amazing. Eileen is a fantastic teacher trainer allowing you to realise your full potential and let go of resistance. I feel words can never express how I felt about this week. The help, understanding, safety and presence of Eileen was just mind blowing. For me just having someone hold that space for me to explain myself was brilliant. I feel so honoured and blessed to have met you and worked through this week with your guidance, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Martina H. (Ireland)

How do you describe the Heal Your Life Teacher Training course with Eileen Clair?? Mmm, well it’s a bit of getting into a boat and sailing slowly inside your wonderful self. On boarding the boat the plan is to keep it simple, let it happen, allow space. You can sail past some parts of your life and think wow I’m amazing and then you realise as you sail past another part that you don’t like that view and you speed up the boat to get to the next nice part, then you hear the gentle voice of Eileen probing, enquiring and questioning- sail past them, but oh no we are staying to visit this one, and that’s where the success lies on this journey, staying to visit the feeling/emotion and allowing you to set this emotion free. You no longer need it, let it go!! I feel blessed to have found Eileen to guide me in this chapter of my life, for creating a space of allowing and a feeling of protection and safety. Eileen’s soft gentle tone and encouraging words will help you get past the stuck stage and move to a higher level of consciousness. She is unique and one of the most gifted people I know. I’m guessing what makes Eileen unique is that she really wants people to facilitate workshops and spread the word. Yes without a doubt the day I met Eileen Clair changed my life.

Veronica O. (Ireland)

Wonderfully supportive training. Covers all aspects and left me feeling able and confident. Thank you.

Malcolm C. (UK)

This training is win, win all round. Eileen, Sheelagh and Norma created a beautiful safe and healing space. I have met the most incredible people who too are on this healing journey. Learning to teach this way opened me to deep healing. I was scared coming to the course because this is my first ever teacher training and I did not think I would be at a good enough level. I am so glad I thrusted my inner wisdom to come. I am so grateful for everyone’s love and support this week. It has been amazing. I did not know if I was going to be able to handle it with my sister dying so suddenly. You have all taken me places I never dreamed of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Caroline (UK)

For anyone thinking of doing this course – please don’t hesitate. It will change your life. ‘It will affirm your life.’

Kay (UK)

I have done an awful lot of training over the years from formal to metaphysical. This has been tops. I let go of stuff I didn’t even know was in there, along with stuff I knew was stuck. It was gentle, safe and powerful. Give yourself the gift of this work.

Christine (UK)

Eileen Sheelagh and Nora have given me all the tools I need to move forward with my own development so I can deliver the workshops to my best ability. They have been so supportive the whole way through and were able to get me to dig deep into my emotions and release things I didn’t know I still held.

Oonagh (UK)

I loved the course. I felt safely held by all the teachers and by the whole group. If you love Louise Hays books you will love this course. Eileen is an inspirational teacher and trainer. Creating a special space for participants to learn and grow. Follow your heart and book it – the world needs you.

Tracy (UK)

I came on the course to learn more about how to heal others. I wasn’t expecting for the first two days to be immersed into a workshop myself and I was so surprised at what was still lurking in my energy field. There was laughter, tears, healing, collaboration, support and so much more. I am so excited to take home what I have learned for my own life and to start my HYL Workshops. I highly recommend this course to anyone.

Carol (UK)

This training is absolutely life-changing. The amount of support is phenomenal. Best thing I have done in my life so far.

Yvette (UK)


You are such a wonderful coach and teacher. Your enthusiasm and joy helps us drive into some difficult and personal issues and emerge with a sense of joy from ourselves and new insights and techniques to heal our lives. Thank you for the love and support you showed us all especially for me and my partner. I love your belief, fun and deep wisdom.

Mark T. (UK)

Thank you for holding me Eileen and giving me the strength to plunge these depths. Ouch!! You are easily amazing!! Much love.

Alice B. (UK)

I can wholeheartedly recommend HYL Coach Training with Eileen Clair and team in Ireland. Skilled, expert and assured delivery which was a joy to experience. Eileen enables others to claim their power. Unique location and high professional standards. WOW!

Mary F. (Ireland)

It is the most powerful and immediately working key to the heart of human beings.

Wolf H. (Germany)

Eileen, humourful, I love your natural and style with so much honestly and love for us participants. I take your words with me and let these grow up in me. Thanks so much.

Ute F. (Germany)

The Coach training with Eileen in Ireland was absolutely wonderful, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It was a truly transformative week for me that has been life changing. Eileen brings such love and clarity to the whole process and to top it all the location is stunning. It was an experience I will always treasure. Much Love to you all.

Henrietta K (UK)

My whole Heal Your Life journey in the last year has been amazing and a blessing. The HYL Coaching that I attended in Ireland with Eileen Clair was inspirational and insightful. Eileen has selected a perfect location for this healing work training. The Armada Hotel helped make the whole week perfect. Eileen is a wonderful woman and trainer. You can tell that she really loves her work as it shines right through her training.

Sue A. (UK)

From day one of this Heal Your Life Coaching we hit the ground running and it was a non-stop journey right to the end. Each day presented new challenges, experiences and revelations. Taking this first step has provided me with the confidence, skills and knowledge I need to embrace a career as a Life Coach. Eileen’s mentoring was second to none and she was on hand 24/7 to assist with any areas I was struggling to comprehend. I am so excited to be able to coach people so they too can feel enriched, empowered and continue on to live a successful and fulfilling life.

Laura O. (Ireland)

Thanks Eileen for a wonderful week. Lots of opportunity to coach and be coached with the perfect level of support and guidance. I left with ideas that are unfolding as I’d hoped.

M. C. (UK)


I sent a hair sample to Eileen and since then I haven’t felt as pain free in a long time. I know I’m just taking my supplements for 2 weeks and I notice improvements. Great to get kidneys flushed out from all those painkillers I’ve been taking, haven’t needed to take any recently and I am sure its all to do with the Holistic treatment.