"The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives."

— Louise L. Hay

Public Speaking by Eileen Clair

Eileen Clair is an inspirational speaker who has touched the hearts of many.  She inspires the people who hear her speak to understand positive living can be for each and everyone of them regardless of how bad their circumstances are either socially, physically or otherwise. She has an intensity and sincerity about what she says that can only come from life experience.  She lives what she speaks about and shares the benefits with all around her. She has worked with groups where hopelessness and despair is the norm and inspires them to look at every avenue where they can take their power back and be responsible for their own lives.

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“If I depended on what I learned I would have a very limited life. I prefer to live with what I intuitively know supported by what I learn.”   Eileen Clair


“I met Eileen Clair in 2012 at a staff day for Pieta House Counsellors in Leixlip county Dublin and she impressed me with her positive approach and spontaneous speaking manner. She spoke from her heart and her firm resolve and belief that each individual has the capability to ‘Heal their Life’. I had the opportunity this year to hear her speak at an AGM of Transfusion Positive and she was inspiring and motivating and the attending members were energized by her. She is an accredited coach in the Louise Hay method of positive living and she is a credit to the practice. She speaks clearly and with belief that how we think affects all aspects of our lives: how we treat others, how we feel, how we process. As a Psychotherapist, I have come across clients who are exhausted from the rigors of life and the stresses of work. On more than one occasion I have referred clients to visit Eileen Clair at her Holistic Centre in Kilrush, County Clare and to put themselves in her capable hands to help them unwind and relax.  They have returned in tune with themselves, ready to look at life with a different focus, motivated to make changes, inspired to continue to work on themselves.  I would highly recommend Eileen Clair as a motivational speaker 5 *, a holistic therapist 5* and as an example of how you, and anyone can live a more positive life a Louise Hay practitioner 5*.” Laura O’Brien, Psychotherapist MIACP, Limerick City.

“Eileen creates a lovely relaxed safe atmosphere just by being present.  She is natural, unassuming with an authentic approach and gives you the tools to find your own power.  She opens something up in you, gets you thinking and gives you confidence you never thought you could have” Marion, Limerick City.