Relationship Workshop Manual for Teachers (In Training Discount)



This workshop is designed to allow you to facilitate the continued personal development of participants of Heal Your Life Workshops.






The focus will be on loving oneself as a physical, emotional and spiritual being. Loving the real self and letting go of the image regardless of the part of your life you want to change. It is an important tool in the on-going process of accepting good into your life.


Loving oneself as a physical, emotional and spiritual being. Loving

the real self and letting go of the image regardless of the part of your life

you want to change.

The focus is on connection and communication with others as well

as more self-reflection. Recognising the History we bring to situations and

finding ways to letting it go. Experiential workshop with potential to bring

this work to a much deeper level of awareness and letting go.

Relationships Day 1 Outline


Preparation: preparing to lead a group

principles, logistics, practical matters, 

hold harmless statement

Introduction, Opening Meditation

Setting the Scene 

Connecting with Emotions Meditation

Growing a Relationship

Mirror Work

Visualisation- The Language of Love

Relationship History

Teenage Years Visualisation

Family Constellation

Relationship with Physical World


Family Communication Visualisation

Creating the Space of Awareness

Closing Meditation





Relationships Day 2 Outline


Grounding Meditation

It’s All About You

Exercise, I Love Myself Therefore…

Cloak Visualisation Meditation

Relationships and History

Exercise, Awareness

Role Play on Family Relationships

Exercise, Mirroring

Looking at Vulnerability and Letting Go

Forgiveness and Cutting Ties

Exercise, Letting Go

Physical Releasing

What Do You Bring to a Relationship?

Closing Treatment



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