Heal Your Life® The Power Within 2 Day Retreat

When: Saturday & Sunday, May 20 – May 21, 2023

Venue: Eileen Clair Holistic Therapy Centre, Kilrush, County Clare

Cost: €255

‘New Year’ a time of awakening to lighter skies and longer days.

Do you feel the joy of new beginnings or are you bringing the old thinking and the old labels into the new year?

I often find January can become a month of sabotage, where you make the resolutions and once again prove that you cannot commit, are not good enough and label yourself negatively.

This year why not move from the old thinking into finding the power in your life.

Eileen 🧡🧡


Heal Your Life 2-day Retreat

Based on the philosophy of Louise Hay 


Following on from our very successful 1-day retreats over the last few months. We are holding a new 2-day retreat due to popular demand. This retreat is now almost fully booked with just a few places left.


Dates: Saturday & Sunday, May 20 – May 21, 2023

Venue: Eileen Clair Holistic Therapy Centre, Kilrush, County Clare


This retreat gives you the space and guidance to make positive life changes and let go of all that is holding you back. Martha Dalton and Mary McGuane will provide you with the opportunity to step away from your daily routine and immerse yourself in all that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.


You will be surrounded by like-minded people, and engage in healing activities while connecting with your environment. This is the perfect gift to give yourself or a friend as it offers all the tools you need to gently create positive and lasting change towards a happier life. We are also giving away a FREE copy of the 2023 Cosmic Kitchen Journal by Dr. Patricia Crane PhD.

This journal will help you create your best year ever, by using the law of attraction.


What is included in the 2-day retreat:

·       Awareness exercises to help you connect with yourself, your beliefs and thoughts and to understand what is serving you and what is working against you

·       Inner Child guided meditation to look at what the little child you were, has to teach you about life now

·       Mind-Body connection – understanding the messages that your body has to give you

·       A good honest look at emotions and how you can improve your emotional well being

·       Gratitude – By appreciating the good we already have in our lives we open up to receiving more

·       Affirmations – start learning how to use affirmations that are true to you


Who is this workshop for:

·       Anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life

·       Improve their health and feel better in their body

·       Who feels past experience is holding them back

·       Anyone who feels stuck in their career, relationships, or life in general


The transformational power of our thoughts can enable and empower us to change our lives for the better.


You have to feel it to heal it.

We hope to see you there!


If you would like to recommend a friend to come and join us, please forward the link or ask them to contact our centre at 065 9052239.