I took the opportunity Eileen gave me to do a mini workshop/ presentation at the Heal your life teacher’s reunion.

A part of me felt even more nervous at the though of standing up in front of a room full of my peers and the other part of me said, “ well if you can do it here you can do it anywhere.”

So I decided to give a 45 min workshop on a project I was working on and decided to use the feed back as an indicator as to where I was with the information I had and how it could be altered to make it even better.

I knew my work would not in anyway be scrutinised in a room full of teachers all looking to active the same goal, but I was totally taken back by the way I was received. All feedback was constructive and some told me it benefited them greatly to see someone else push through any fears surrounding the task.

Doing the presentation really did wonders for my confidence and I went on to teach the same material in a workshop.

I walked away from the reunion that weekend excited to get out there and teach knowing I was fully supported in every-way.


Martina H. Cork, Ireland

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