"All healing, without exception, is self healing"

— Janet F. Quinn

Pregnancy and Post-natal Pilates

During Pregnancy a woman’s body goes through many changes to allow for her growing baby. Each trimester brings many changes. It is of great benefit for the mother-to-be to continue exercising during pregnancy but it may have to change slightly. Her current exercise routine can be carried out in the first trimester taking caution not to exert too much.

The second and third trimesters she can maintain a strong core through Pregnancy Pilates which Deirdre will design or if she has a different discipline of exercise she can advise and outline changes to her current routine so it is safe for her and baby. Exercise during pregnancy helps reduce back pain, easier labour and a faster recovery after the baby is born.

Post Natal Pilates is the perfect exercise to restore the core and help bring back ones-shape.
Yoga is offered in a group setting or on a one to one basis

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