"Only when we learn to love and accept ourselves can we make amazing changes to our lives."

— Louise L. Hay

One to One Coaching

Imagine having someone to rely on who will be honest, empathic, solution focused. A person willing to listen in order to understand with no vested interest in growing the story but keeps your focus on looking for a new way of understanding of living and being. Then you are imagining our Heal Your Life Coaches. We offer a variety of different coaching sessions depending on your specific needs.

Life Coaching

This is a unique form of life coaching that is based on the work of Louise L. Hay and led by the client. It is specifically designed to provide a space to make peace with your feelings and to restore hope for a more positive future. The HYL coaching also helps the person to access their inner knowing and empowers them to uncover their true selves.

Emotional Coaching

If you wish to let go of traumatic events from the past, or are currently going through an emotional experience such as divorce, separation, or loss of business, this form of coaching is a great way to help heal those wounds. Emotional Coaching provides a safe and supportive space for you to experience, and release, feelings you no longer wish to carry.

Business Coaching

A happy and balanced workforce is the key to sustainable success within business. Unfortunately, most issues within the workplace, such as bullying or ill health, occur because people are unhappy within themselves. This coaching programme is designed to help all levels of staff get in tune with themselves in order to understand what they most need to find balance in their lives. Our team of coaches encourage people to go inwards to find their true selves and, in turn, accept themselves and others. It is through doing this inner work that employers are consistently witnessing a positive effect on the overall happiness and productivity in the workplace.