Heal Your Life® Teacher Training Ireland October 7th - 14th

Book your place for our upcoming Heal Your Life® Teacher Training. This 7 day all inclusive course will allow you to master the methods of world famous spiritual teacher Louise Hay. 

Learn to deeply connect to the world with an open heart! 

Limited Spaces available!


Eileen Clair

Step into the heartwarming narrative of Eileen Clair, a beacon of compassion and transformation, and the visionary behind her Holistic Centre in Kilrush. In 1992, Eileen Clair embarked on a mission to extend a helping hand to those in their most vulnerable moments, giving birth to a haven of healing and growth that resonates globally.

At the core of Eileen Clair’s journey is her role as a certified coach trainer for the world-renowned Louise Hay, the pioneer of the transformative Heal Your Life® philosophy. Rooted in this philosophy, the Holistic Centre has blossomed into a global sanctuary where individuals embark on profound personal development, surrounded by unwavering support.

With a deep commitment to Louise Hay’s teachings, Eileen Clair proudly stands as the esteemed hub for the Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach Training courses in Ireland and the UK. These internationally acclaimed courses, certified by Louise Hay and Hay House Inc., empower individuals with essential tools and manuals to facilitate impactful Heal Your Life® Workshops and transformative one-on-one sessions.

But Eileen Clair’s vision isn’t just about personal transformation—it’s about empowering others and fostering flourishing careers. The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training equips you not only with tools for your own journey but also with the ability to orchestrate powerful Heal Your Life® Workshops and one-on-one sessions. It’s a pivotal step toward your growth and a rewarding path to making a positive impact.

Furthermore, the Heal Your Life® Coach Training elevates established Heal Your Life® Teachers, enhancing their skills to become licensed Heal Your Life® Coaches. By embracing this training, individuals not only amplify their expertise but also become conduits of holistic healing, touching lives with profound positivity.

Eileen Clair’s Holistic Centre is a testament to the fusion of compassion, transformation, and growth. It’s a space where individuals not only heal but also thrive, under the guidance of Eileen Clair’s mentorship, the wisdom of Louise Hay, and the enduring principles of the Heal Your Life® philosophy.

Learning Pathway


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Individual Consultation

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Heal Your Life Teacher Training

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Heal Your Life Coach Training

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Teacher's Retreat

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Further 1-TO-1 Coaching

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Sometimes all we need is a little space and guidance in order to make positive life changes. We have designed retreats to give you just that. Our intention is to provide you with the opportunity to step away from your daily routine and immerse yourself in all that nurtures your mind, body, and soul. Our hope is that you will return feeling rejuvenated and empowered, viewing yourself and the world in a more positive way.

Throughout these retreats, you will be surrounded by like-minded people, and engage in daily invigorating and healing activities, such as personal development work, yoga, mindfulness, and nutritional consultations while connecting with nature and your environment. This is the perfect gift to give yourself or a friend as it offers all the tools you need to gently create positive and lasting change towards a happier life.

Individual Consultation

This is a unique form of life coaching that is based on the work of Louise Hay and led by the client. It is specifically designed to provide a space to make peace with your feelings and to restore hope for a more positive future. The Heal Your Life® coaching also helps the person to access their inner knowing and empowers them to uncover their true selves.

If you wish to let go of traumatic events from the past or are currently going through an emotional experience such as divorce, separation, or loss of business, this form of coaching is a great way to help heal those wounds. Emotional Coaching provides a safe and supportive space for you to experience, and release, feelings you no longer wish to carry.


Experience a personalised and informative one-on-one conversation with a knowledgeable member of our staff. During this interaction, they will guide you through all the essential details and advantages of The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training Course. Our dedicated staff member will ensure that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the training, including relevant information and the numerous benefits it offers. You can expect to receive all the pertinent details necessary for making an informed decision about your participation in the course.

Heal Your Life® Teacher Training

Learning how to truly love yourself and to know your worth is the most enriching gift you can give yourself. This certified course is recognised worldwide and it is taught in a way that makes it possible to share this work with others. It not only fundamentally changes your life, but it also touches the lives of those closest to you.

The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training is about personal transformation, it is about leaving behind that which no longer serves you, it is about surrounding yourself with like-minded people in a breathtaking location, but above all, it is about coming home to yourself. When you learn to act from a place of love, not fear, you can meet life with acceptance, compassion, and understanding.

Heal Your Life® Coach Training

This is an advanced Heal Your Life® training course. To take part in this course you must have completed the Heal Your Life Teacher Training course. Its purpose is to heighten intuition and fine-tune the art of listening.  

This course will help you to step into the world of your client and fully understand what is happening on a deeper, more emotional level. Fundamentally, we teach you the necessary skills to find the root cause of the issue. In doing this, you release clients from their past and empower them to go forward in life.

Teacher’s Retreat

Life is so much easier when we are going with a natural flow. However, we can easily find ourselves going against it and hitting barriers. Staying connected with like-minded people helps support us in finding and maintaining the natural flow. Our upcoming retreats for Heal Your Life® Teachers and Coaches trained in the UK and Ireland are a great way to reconnect with the energy and healing of your training week.


This retreat gives you the space and guidance to make positive life changes and let go of all that is holding you back. Eileen and Sheelagh will provide you with the opportunity to step away from your daily routine and immerse yourself in all that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people, and engage in healing activities while connecting with your environment. This is the perfect gift to give yourself or a friend as it offers all the tools you need to gently create positive and lasting change towards a happier life.

Further 1-to-1 Coaching

Further 1-to-1 coaching is an advanced level of personalised guidance provided to individuals who have already obtained their accreditation as a Heal Your Life® Teacher. This offers participants an opportunity to delve deeper into their practice and refine their teaching skills on a one-on-one basis. Through this intensive coaching, individuals receive tailored support and mentorship from experienced professionals who specialise in the Heal Your Life® philosophy. The aim is to enhance their understanding, confidence, and effectiveness as teachers, allowing them to provide even greater transformative experiences for their own clients and students. With a focus on individual growth and development, this specialised coaching empowers Heal Your Life® Teachers to reach new heights in their personal and professional journeys.