Since childhood, colour has played a huge part in my life. I could always see auras around people and I was gifted with a knowing as to where people needed healing the most. However, it wasn’t until my twenties that I began on my journey of discovery within the healing profession. I approached it from a practical point of view, training in reflexology, yoga and nutrition. It quickly became obvious that there was an undeniable connection between the mind, body and spirit. It was then that Louise Hay’s philosophies entered my life. Her work cemented all that I knew intuitively, so I soon began to intensively study her philosophies. Through completing these studies, I joined a small group of people, that were approved by Louise Hay, to train others as workshop leaders and coaches. What I love most about this work is that it empowers people with simple tools to heal their own life. It was at this point that I began to truly understand that life does not happen to you, it happens for you, it is there to be lived to the fullest.

After my own father passed away too soon from a misdiagnosis, I was guided to look at what I wanted for my life and how I could best use the gifts that I was given. My husband, Michael, and I decided that we wanted to leave the city and run a health centre in the Clare countryside. After affirming and visualising our perfect space, the universe (as always) provided. We found ourselves settling into our home in Kilrush and quickly began converting the cow cabin into the foundation of our centre. At the time, there were many people who thought that I was ‘mad’ opening a holistic centre as it wouldn’t be possible to make it work. In fact, my builder at the time told me that he had converted the cabin in such a way that I could use it differently “when it didn’t work out”. It makes me laugh now to think of it. However, I knew deep down that it was right for me and the locality needed what I had to offer. Within three months, I had a waiting list so long that I had to hire someone to work with me. Because I grew up on a small farm in West Cork, I knew that my intention for the centre was to appeal to ordinary, everyday people and to pass control back to them. Recently, I was honoured to treat the great, great grandson of one of my first clients. This, to me, speaks volumes of the power of the work that we do here in the centre.

Twenty-five years on, the centre is still going strong and I am delighted to be handing over some of the work to my two children. It is a pleasure to see them use their own unique healing abilities and watch them develop and train alongside me. The restructuring of the staff at the centre brings with it new expertise and fresh eyes, allowing me to dedicate more time to the healing work that I love. I continue to be available for one-on-one healing, inspirational speaking, training and workshops. This also means that you can expect exciting new projects to roll out in the new year, including bringing this wonderful work into the business community. It has been my pleasure to run this centre for twenty-five years and I would like to personally thank you for continuing to share this journey with me.