Remembering Louise

October 1926 – August 2017

Remembering Louise.

Certain people have a lifelong impact, either through their deeds or actions. Louise Hay impacted my life through her written words. Her book You Can Heal Your Life became my gospel as my family once again struggled with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

This time it was my Dad. He passed away on my wedding day- too ill to attend but very much present in spirit. This reoccurrence of tragedy in my life made me feel out of control. It was Louise’s teachings that helped me through this difficult time. The idea that I could change this pattern of death within the family simply by changing the way I viewed the world was like a “get out of jail free” card.

So, the journey began where I changed the way I viewed the world. As a result, my world changed beyond recognition. During this journey I read anything I could get my hands on that Louise had written. In the days before YouTube or downloads, I listened to any recording I could find. Then, I took the step to attend her conferences in the UK where I later became a Heal Your Life® workshop leader.

I could not understand why these teachings were only available in England. I wanted to help people transform their lives with Louise’s teachings in Ireland. Louise’s response to my interest in spreading her philosophy motivated me to make this happen. She said, “If you want my work to spread in Ireland, then just do it.” So, I did.

Trusting this great lady completely and being guided and mentored by Dr Patricia Crane, who took up the mantel of spreading Louise’s Workshops and Intensives Worldwide, provided the solid foundation I needed to help others. I now train Heal Your Life® Workshop Leaders and Coaches in Ireland and the UK and join the many-many people worldwide who inspire change through Louise’s philosophy.

This journey came with ups and downs, laughter and tears, trials, and successes, but always with an opportunity to grow and learn from experiences rather than reverting to fear and dread.

Thank you, Louise, for changing my perception of the world I live in. My work as a Heal Your Life workshop trainer lends true meaning and purpose to my life. So it is.

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