"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are"

— Chinese Proverb

Eileen Clair

Holistic Therapist, Trainer, Advisor, Educator, Speaker

Eileen Clair has helped people heal for over twenty-five years. In 1992, she opened the doors of her Holistic Centre with the vision to provide help to those who needed it most. Since then, the centre has globally become acknowledged as a sanctuary for health and well-being, providing a safe-haven for clients to come and experience support on their healing journey. Eileen understands that each client is unique and deserves a personal healing treatment. Recognising that nothing operates in isolation, she draws on an array of knowledge, skills and experience to help restore balance and harmony within. It is from her own personal healing journey that she has a developed a deep appreciation for one’s own inner wisdom and intuition. She knows that if you release the mind, the body and soul truly have the answers.

“I easily allow my life to flow in the direction that brings ease, joy and purpose.” Eileen Clair

Through holding a space of compassion and love, Eileen helps clients reach that place of inner connection and clarity. Regardless of your past or present circumstances, Eileen has seen time and time again, that it is possible to heal and move forward into a more positive, vibrant life. She firmly believes that people can heal themselves by incorporating practical changes in their everyday lives. It is only possible to start where you are right now and work gently onwards from there.

As an internationally qualified and recognised healer, Eileen leads from a place of honesty, humility and integrity, which enables to her to speak straight to the heart. It is her belief that all circumstances can be healed, and she demonstrates this daily with her wisdom, grace and humour. Eileen Clair is a unique and inspiring mother, wife, friend, healer, coach, trainer and speaker, that is deeply respected and appreciated by many.

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info@eileenclair.com / +353(0)65-9052239

Public Speaking by Eileen Clair


A qualified Heal Your Life® (based on the work of Louise L. Hay) workshop leader and coach since 2005, Eileen is also a recognised Heal Your Life® Teacher Trainer and Coach Trainer. The first to bring Heal Your Life® Teacher Training to Ireland, she now organises and conducts the Teacher Training and Coach Training (authorised by Hay House Inc. and approved by Louise Hay) in Ireland, as well as conducting her own workshops.