"Healthy habits are learned in the same way as unhealthy ones, through practice."

— Wayne Dyer

Louise Hay

Louise Hay is renowned worldwide for her powerful healing techniques and positive, life-changing philosophies. As a child, Louise suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse and left home during her teenage years. The patterns of abuse and low self worth continued for many years. When she was in her forties after the breakup of her marriage she started her healing journey. She began training as a minister in the Science of Mind Church and soon found herself counselling clients. After many years of observation of the connection between the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self, she wrote the book ‘Heal Your Body’. It spoke about how we have the power to heal our bodies through changing our thoughts and beliefs. Louise began speaking and holding workshops throughout the United States to share this message. Since then, this book has sold over fifty million copies worldwide. When she was 60 Louise set up a publishing company Hay House which went on to become the largest publishing company for personal development books worldwide and is still a thriving business today. The philosophies of Louise Hay have reached thirty-three countries around the world and continue to raise the awareness that by truly loving ourselves we can fully heal our lives.

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“I rejoice in the love,

I encounter every day.”

Louise Hay