"Being against anything weakens you while being for something empowers you."

— Wayne Dyer

Home-use of Aromatherapy Oils

Evening Class

Aromatherapy is the modern name given to the ancient art of using pure essential oils to promote health and to counteract disease. The journey into the world of aromatherapy opens up our awareness to the healing properties that are held in the many flowers, shrubs and trees that surround us.

Here at the Centre, we have lovingly created a six-week course to help start you on this exciting journey. Home Use of Aromatherapy evenings will teach you how to build your own natural first aid kit using everyday remedies to cure ailments and promote healing. We will also demonstrate the best way to oil use our oils (through rubs, compress, bathing and inhalation), whilst also teaching you how to give, and receive, a gentle hand, foot, and shoulder massage. This course is truly special and unique in that it allows what is learned to be applied across all areas of life.

Contact the centre by phone 065-9052239 or the contact form below to request the date of our next class.