"Only when we learn to love and accept ourselves can we make amazing changes to our lives."

— Louise L. Hay

Ocean and sky - break free from labels

Heal Your Life – Letting Go

Do you judge yourself for thinking of the worst possible outcome for potential scenarios, especially during a sleepless night?

Where does this judgement and blame lead to…? Likely to low vibration feelings of Guilt, Fear, Shame, loneliness. Current solution seems to be either label it or bury it!

Through her years of working as a Holistic Therapist, Eileen has witnessed how easily we allow ourselves and others to be identified by a label such as Lazy, workaholic, Irresponsible, selfish, everyone’s fool and so on.

She has also noticed how the Labels change. Currently more and more people are being labelled Anxious, Depressed, Negative (all which say we are not good enough). Previously we were more likely to use words like work related stress or family issues, acknowledging the effect that our lifestyle and the energy of those we align with have on our well-being. labelling leads to huge guilt which comes from the thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, “What if everything goes wrong”, “What if I fail?”. Being classified as anxious or negative leads us to feeling guilty about having worries. How many times are we told to think positive?

Labelling leads to a belief that we are somehow powerless to change these thoughts thus leading us into more negativity!

Consider that all the above labels could be considered as responses to life challenges; and our response to challenges vary greatly from one person to the next. If we recognise where our imagination is frightening us and prevent a realistic response, we move away from fear to easy action. We move from dealing with a perception of how life should be into the reality of living the life we have, it’s the way we look at life that we can change.

Eileen and Sheelagh (right to left)Join Eileen and Sheelagh in the beautiful Killarney on the Ring of Kerry as they create a safe space to consider the possibility that LABELS (no matter which celeb is attached to it) matter very little. This two-day retreat, built from the philosophies of Louise Hay, offers you a safe place to let go of your perception of how Life or You SHOULD be.

You’ll feel the ease of release, move away from terrorising yourself with your thoughts and learn instead to enjoy and appreciate Life as it is, de – labelled, de-stressed and delighted as guilt melts away …

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