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"How do you get very far if you dont know who you are."

— The Tao Of Pooh

Heal Your Life 2 Day Workshop ®

Our two-day workshop is based on the philosophies of Louise L. Hay and is designed to empower those who are willing to change. So many of us believe that we are stuck in our current circumstances because that is what life had planned for us. This workshop creates a safe space for attendees to become aware of internal dialogue, to let go of limiting beliefs and to create the life that they deserve. Our trained workshop leaders offer non-judgmental support, guidance and constant healing throughout. Being able to connect positively with yourself in this transformative workshop, whilst being surrounded by like-minded people, is truly a life-changing experience.

“It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed.”   Louise L. Hay

Fundamental to Louise’s metaphysical philosophies and teaching is accepting that loving yourself is part of the solution, regardless of the part of your life you want to change. Come along to this interactive weekend workshop and enjoy learning simple yet powerful techniques you can use to help bring changes in your life. Learn the importance of letting go of thoughts and experiences that no longer serve you and how to use affirmations for change. You can expect the greater part of the weekend to focus on your thoughts, feelings and emotions so bring a journal and be ready for change!

If you would like to learn more about the Louise Hay work, you might like to read one of her books, listen to one of her CDs, watch her new DVD (available for purchase from our Holistic Health Centre) or have a look on www.youtube.com for Louise’s wisdom.

Feel free to call us on 065-9052239 or email: enquiries@eileenclair.com
Workshops are limited to small numbers therefore pre-booking is essential.

Place: Eileen Clair Holistic Centre, Kilrush, Co. Clare
Facilitated by: Martina Hackett

Contact the centre by phone 065-9052239 or the contact form below to have your questions answered.

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