Combined Training

Combined Training

Heal Your Life® Teacher Training

To learn how to truly love yourself and to know your worth is the most enriching gift you can give yourself. This certified course is recognised worldwide and it is taught in a way that makes it possible to share this work with others. It not only fundamentally changes your life, but it also touches the lives of those closest to you. The Heal Your Life Teacher Training is about personal transformation, it is about leaving behind that which no longer serves you, it is about surrounding yourself with like-minded people in a breathtaking location, but above all, it is about coming home to yourself. When you learn to act from a place of love, not fear, you can meet life with acceptance, compassion and understanding.  

Heal Your Life® Coach Training

This is an advanced Heal Your Life training course. To take part in this course you must have completed the Heal Your Life Teacher Training course. Its purpose is to heighten intuition and fine-tune the art of listening.  This course will help you to step into the world of your client and fully understand what is happening on a deeper, more emotional level. Fundamentally, we teach you the necessary skills to find the root cause of the issue. In doing this, you release clients from their past and empower them to go forward in life.  



Next Date:  Ireland – October 7th to October 21st 2023

Venue/Location: Hotel Woodstock –

Price P/P: €5090.00 EUR

Throughout the Heal Your Life® Combined Training course, our trained staff creates a gentle space for this work to take place and constantly provides support and healing. Alongside your own personal development, the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training will provide you with all the necessary tools and manuals to run your own Heal Your Life® Workshop. This Teacher Training is the perfect way to immerse yourself in nature and deeply connect to the world with an open heart. Following this, the Heal Your Life® Coach Training will enable you to become a licensed Heal Your Life® Coach which will enhance the skills you have already learned as a Heal Your Life Teacher while also enabling you to learn new skills. The coach training focuses more on 1 to 1 coaching and development and it teaches you how to develop your listening skills on a deeper level. It will help you to understand yourself on a deeper level and to communicate with others more effectively.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to teach the:

  • 2-Day Workshop: Love Yourself, Heal Your Life
  • 10-Week Study Course: Heal Your Life, based on Louise Hay’s bestselling book
  • Enhance your skills and develop your 1 to 1 coaching techniques under the guidance of Eileen Clair and the methods of Louise Hay.


You will receive:

  • In-depth training in the methods and philosophy of Louise Hay
  • Complete manuals for both the Workshop and the 10-Week Course
  • Handouts, and CDs for the Workshop
  • Marketing package with the Heal Your Life® logo
  • Conference calls and email support after the training
  • A Certificate of Completion as a Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader
  • Once licensed, a listing in the Teachers’ Directory at
  • New techniques for release and transformation
  • Learning to love ALL of yourself more fully
  • Healing more of those ‘stuck’ places
  • Sharing successes and challenges with other teachers
  • A complete Coaching Manual and Skills Book for clients with handouts and forms
  • Meditations and exercises for your groups
  • Follow-up support

The course will be an intensive experience for your personal growth and in developing the knowledge and skills you need for leading courses. You will be asked to fully participate, so come prepared for transformation!


Included in this price is:

  • training
  • course materials
  • 4* accommodation
  • full hot and cold breakfast, artisan tea and coffee breaks, freshly prepared lunches, and gourmet dinners for 13 days and accommodation on Saturday the 14th.


Required reading:

  • You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
  • Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workbook by Louise Hay
  • Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen by Patricia Crane Ph.D.


Recommended Reading:

  • The Power is Within You by Louise Hay
  • The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson
  • Letters to Louise (revised) by Louise Hay