Last May I completed the weeklong Teacher Trainer course with Eileen Clair and her team in The Spanish Point Hotel, located in West Clare. Although I had previously been to similar holistic courses, I had never experienced such a deep, heart-to-heart connection with a trainer before. What resonated with me for months afterwards was Eileen’s innate ability to create a personal connection with each attendee. This connection and supported space was continually held throughout the week which, I believe, was the catalyst for the deep healing that took place for each participant. Completing the Louise Hay Teacher Training brought me from living in my head to acting from my heart and it radically changed my life for the better. So, when it came to joining Eileen and her team again this October for the Coaching course, I took the opportunity without hesitation.


I returned to the beautiful surroundings of the Wild Atlantic Way, knowing that I would be safely guided in the hands of Eileen and her team through another transformational week. As with all of Louise’s trainings, this course ensures that you experience coaching sessions from both points of view, as the client and as the coach. I saw this as a perfect opportunity for practical experience and personal development. First and foremost, this course was a week of self-healing. Eileen and my fellow coursemates consistently created a supportive atmosphere which allowed me to release non-serving beliefs and heal old wounds. Each coaching session was unique and demonstrated the power of each coach using their intuitive guidance. This growth, in turn, allowed me to show up for the client free of any preconceived notion of what it meant to be a ‘coach’. It pushed me to use suitable creative means to bring awareness, promote change, and empower clients to recognise their strengths, skills, inner resources.

As a previously qualified Life and Executive coach, I thought that I had a grip on what it meant to coach one-on-one. However, what the course really highlighted was how often we listen with our minds instead of our hearts, letting our own internal stories get in the way. As a student, a Louise Hay Coaching week takes you on a deep dive into the art of listening and the skill of listening to your intuition. As a coach, it teaches you how to enter into a coaching contract with a client as an equal and demonstrates that it is from this solid foundation that the two parties can move forward, free of judgement or internal stories. It also proved that, by creating a space of openness and acceptance, it gives the client permission to see themselves in a loving way, which is the true gift. In the end, what I re-learned all over again is that the foundation for change begins when you learn to love and accept yourself exactly as you are in the present moment. There is never any need to do or be anything different. It is this learning above all that I will strive to practice, not just with my clients, but in my relationship with myself and with all those that I encounter on a daily basis. To those wondering if they should attend a Louise Hay Coaching Course, I highly recommend that you do so, even if it is simply to be surrounded beautiful souls seeking to make the world a better place.