The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training is a week-long residential course. Throughout the course, our trained staff create a gentle space for this work to take place, providing continuous support and healing. To learn how to truly love yourself and to know your worth is the most enriching gift you can give yourself. It not only fundamentally changes your life, it also touches the lives of those closest to you.

The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training is about personal transformation, it is about letting go that which no longer serves you, it is about surrounding yourself with like-minded people in a breathtaking location, but above all, it is about coming home to yourself. When you learn to act from a place of love, not fear, you can meet life with acceptance, compassion and understanding. 

Alongside your own personal development, you will also take away all the necessary tools and manuals to run your own Heal Your Life® Workshops and individual sessions. Empowering others to bring real change and healing into their lives is a rewarding profession, one which can be merged with your current career. You are responsible for making a real difference in the lives of your clients and experience profound transformation in your own life as a result.

The course will be an intensive experience for your personal growth and in developing the knowledge and skills you need for leading courses. You will be asked to fully participate, so come prepared for transformation!

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