about eileen

About Eileen

Eileen Clair is a unique and inspiring mother, wife, friend, healer, coach, trainer and speaker.  In 1992, she opened the doors of the visionary Holistic Centre in Kilrush. Since then, the centre has globally become acknowledged as a sanctuary for health and well-being, providing a haven for clients to come and experience support on their healing journey. 

Recognising that nothing operates in isolation, Eileen draws on an array of knowledge, skills and experience to help restore balance and harmony within. It is from her own personal healing journey that she has developed a deep appreciation for one’s own inner wisdom and intuition. Eileen knows that if you release the mind, the body and soul truly have the answers.

From a space of compassion and love, each of us has the potential to reach that place of inner connection and clarity. Regardless of past or present circumstances, it is possible to heal and move forward into a more positive, vibrant life. When guided from a place of honesty, humility, and integrity it is her belief that all circumstances can be healed. It is when we begin the healing of the physical and emotional self that we can live our most joyful life. Live your best life. Love your best life.

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