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"All healing, without exception, is self healing"
— Janet F. Quinn

Holistic Nutrition

Combine Bio-Resonance test, Food Intolerance test and Nutritional Coaching

This combination offers you an excellent way to start your journey to true health – Healthy mind, body and spirit – where you feel well, energized, nourished and excited about life and living.

We often see the opposite in our clinic.  We see people who are exhausted, disenchanted and punishing themselves by not eating or eating the wrong foods, leaving very little enthusiasm for living.  Learn to identify what’s right for you.

Explore and understand your sense of taste and smell and allow them to work for you.  Understand how to make your relationships and attitudes to food work for you rather than against you.  Become discerning when eating out and learn how to ask for good food

The benefits of this programme go way beyond weight loss and body shape.  They can include better sleep, a greater ability to communicate with others, more energy, reduction of inflammation in the body therefore less pain and an overall approach to a healthier happier life.

What’s included?

Bio-Resonance:  Tune into your body.  Recognise what is out of balance on a physical and emotional level and more importantly learn what can help restore balance.

Food Intolerance test:  Identify the food or food groups which can be affecting your overall health, weight and energy levels.

Nutritional Coaching: Receive a healthy eating plan, advice and simple recipes to follow based on your test results.  Explore your attitude to food and how it can work with you rather than be used as a tool to punish you.  Explore what relaxation and awareness means in relation to your diet.  Learn to let go of unnecessary stresses through energy treatment work with your coach, to implement a healthy eating plan in both the short and long term.

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